Hi guys

This is my first time trying to write something in english, I mean something more serious.

I’m dedicating this blog to the security situation in Israel regarding the Hizbullah in the north, the Hamas in the south as well the PLO in the west.

On top of this organizations we have countries like Iran that are declaring clearly that they are looking for the destruction of the state of Israel and are the main supporter of the terror in the middle east.

Looking dipper into the situation, we can find that the Islam is spreading dangerously all over the world, needless to say Europe as well the United Sates of America.

Islam does not have a problem only with the state of Israel but with all the Western World… they religiously claiming JIAD ( Holy war) on all none Muslim.

For a fact all the terror action against indecent people who occur in the world, was made by radical muslims. I really don’t understand this people aren’t they looking to live ? to raise families and kids ? to enjoy life ? get out of the misery ? why don’t they live and let live ? is that the Koran way , not respecting the others ? I guess Yes it is…. The Jiad order the radical muslim literally get rid of all none muslim observers.

I have to confest.. for many years I use to belive that peace with the surrounding neighbors is achievable, Israel did all is possible to come to an agreement even to a point to sacrifice the security of the state itself, but more you give up… more they are demanding.

It is time to try a different approach, no more mercy on the civil population and defiantly not on the terror armed forces. Israel have to stop showing weakness and start retaliate painfully on every time they try to play “tough”. Any “KASAM” rocket will be respond by severe manner, Abu Mazen refuses to come to the table to talk peace… so let it be stop bagging, he needs Israel moe then Israel needs him. In the north if Asad Jr. don’t want to come to the table , it his problem, Israel have no fear from Syria. In Lebanon.. the main enemy is the Hizbullah… Nasaralla have a big mouth and if Israel will need to go for the second round, the picture will look different and he knows it.

The state of Israel is the strongest country in the Middle East and everybody knows it, that why with HASHEM help Israel will stay strong for ever.